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"Welcome to the future of living, where every corner of your home whispers convenience and sophistication. At Abhay Automation, we redefine the essence of home through seamless automation. Picture a world where lights dance to your mood, security adapts to your presence, and comfort is a touch away. Our cutting-edge solutions elegantly merge technology and lifestyle, crafting a symphony of efficiency and luxury. Join us on a journey where your home becomes an intelligent extension of you. Embrace innovation, Embrace comfort and experience the epitome of modern living.

Your home, reimagined."

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Benefits of Home Automation

Touch Screen Icon

Convenience & Comfort

Control devices with a touch or voice command

Save Energy

Energy Efficiency

Optimize usage, reduce wastage and save on bills

Shield Security with Lock Icon Isolated. Protection, Safety, Password Security. Firewall Access Privacy Sign. Vector Illustration

Safety & Security

Monitor and secure your home remotely

Mobile Phone Fingerprint Access

Remote Access

Manage home systems from anywhere globally

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Healthy Living

Enhances wellness, simplifies daily life

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Retrofit & Wireless

Wireless retrofit boosts modern living

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Voice Control

Effortless control with vocal commands

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Sets moods with easy automation

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Scheduled Alarm

Timed alarms for daily convenience

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Peace Of Mind

Feel secure with automated comfort

Features of Home Automation

Hotel Room Interior

Lighting & Scene

Adjust brightness, colors, and schedules

Stylish living room in light apartment

Curtain Control

Automate curtains for personalized control

Closeup of Hand and Thermostat

Climate & AC

Thermostat automation for optimal comfort

Pouring water into a cup of kettle in a retro style

Home Appliance

Manage home devices remotely

Close up of Steam from Air Humidifier during Heating Period

Air Purifier

Automated air for healthier living

CCTV cameras.


Surveillance, alarms & monitoring

smart screen in modern office

Smart Switch

Simplify life with a smart switch

Motion sensor or detector for security system.

Motion Sensor

Detects movement for automated control

Biometric technology identification smart door lock

Smart Door Lock

Secure doors with intelligent locks

Black leather chairs adorn a beautiful home theatre.

Home Theatre

Seamless control of audio and video

IoT Automation Done in all Rooms for their specific needs

Interior of modern living room
Kid's room in modern style
Loft Kitchen
Modern Bathroom Design
Simple pathway in home garden landscape

IOT Automation

For Kitchen

Smart Appliance Integration

Connect and control various kitchen devices through a centralized system.

Sensor Technology

Utilize sensors for precise data collection and optimization

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your kitchen from anywhere using smartphone connectivity.

Inventory Management

Automated tracking helps create shopping lists and minimizes food wastage.

Automated Alerts

Receive notifications for maintenance, safety concerns

IoT automation transforms your kitchen into a smart, efficient, and interconnected space, offering a host of benefits for a modern, tech-savvy lifestyle.

IOT Automation Living Room

Smart Lighting

Control and customize lighting levels, colors, and ambiance through smart bulbs or fixtures, adapting to different moods and activities.

Home Entertainment Integration

Seamlessly connect and control audio-visual equipment, streaming services, and gaming consoles for a cohesive and immersive entertainment experience.

Climate Management

Utilize smart thermostats and climate control systems to maintain optimal temperature and energy efficiency, adjusting settings based on occupancy and preferences.

Automated Blinds and Curtains

Integrate motorized blinds or curtains that can be controlled remotely, adjusting natural light and privacy levels with the touch of a button.

Voice-Activated Assistance

Implement voice-controlled virtual assistants to execute commands for various tasks, from changing the lighting to playing music, enhancing hands-free convenience in the living room

Living Room

IOT Automation

Bed Room

Modern Bedroom Design

Morning Routine Automation

Gradually adjust lighting and temperature to ease waking up naturally.

Intelligent Sleep Tracking

Utilize sensors to monitor sleep patterns and adjust the environment accordingly.

Automated Blinds or Curtains

Motorized window coverings for personalized light and privacy control.

Automated Climate Comfort

Smart thermostats ensure optimal sleep conditions by regulating bedroom temperature

Smart Lighting Control

Customize bedroom ambiance with dimmable and color-changing smart bulbs.

Personalized Commands

Customize voice commands for specific preferences, allowing a tailored and intuitive smart bedroom experience

IOT Automation

Kids Room

Smart Lighting for Play

Use vibrant and interactive smart lighting to create a playful and engaging atmosphere.

Temperature Control

Ensure comfort with automated climate control to adapt to changing weather or preferences

Safety Sensors

Integrate sensors for monitoring air quality, ensuring a healthy environment for children

Bedtime Routine Automation

Establish a calming routine by automating bedtime lights and soothing sounds for a better sleep experience

Educational Tech Integration

Incorporate smart devices for educational purposes, promoting learning through interactive and age-appropriate content

Parental Controls

Implement IoT features that allow parents to monitor and control device usage, ensuring a safe and age-appropriate digital environment

Interior Kids Room Wall Mockup

IOT Automation


Contemporary bathroom with wooden details

Automated Ventilation

Ensure optimal air quality by automating ventilation systems based on usage patterns and humidity levels

Mirror Tech

Implement smart mirrors with features like built-in lighting, weather updates, or health metrics for a multifunctional bathroom experience.

Personalized Shower Settings

Use smart controls to preset and adjust water temperature, pressure, and spray patterns for a personalized and enjoyable shower experience.

Smart Storage Solutions

Implement IoT-powered storage with inventory tracking for toiletries and supplies, helping users manage and restock bathroom essentials efficiently

Water Conservation

Integrate smart fixtures and sensors to monitor water usage, promoting conservation and efficiency.

IOT Automation


Smart Irrigation System

Optimize water usage with automated irrigation schedules based on weather forecasts and soil moisture levels

Weather-Responsive Lighting

Illuminate the garden with smart lights that adjust based on natural light conditions or programmed schedules

Soil Health Monitoring

Utilize sensors to assess soil quality, providing real-time data on nutrients and moisture for informed gardening decisions

Automated Plant Care

Implement robotic or sensor-driven devices for tasks like pruning, weeding, and fertilizing, enhancing plant health.

Security and Wildlife Monitoring

Integrate smart cameras and sensors for garden security, while also capturing wildlife activity for an immersive outdoor experience.

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